Jotron have for several years been one of the world’s leading producers of SART (search and rescue radar transponder).

Jotron’s Tron SART is designed for use in search and rescue operations and gives the exact location of the distressed indicated on the radar X-band display of any nearby ships, SAR vessels and aircrafts

Charity and Taylor provide service and battery changes for all Jotron EPIRBs and SARTs.

Charity and Taylor also supply & install Jotron Handhelds, Light Beacons, Airband VHF products, Offshore Audio and Video recorders and coastal radio stations.

For Sales and Service Call:

(0) 1493 669966


Ricochet Safe Maritime ATC Recorder Technology – Offshore Industrial Level (SmartOil) is tested and verified, and can be integrated with Jotron radios for ATC. Jotron already supplies audio recorder systems to offshore operators and the new SmartOil system adds recording of CCTV operations to the existing solution.

Jotron’s VHF and UHF ATC radios, combines excellent RF performance (for congested areas) with advanced digital signalling techniques. The Jotron costal radios feature full voice over IP functionality for communication between coast and vessels and offshore installations requiring high quality FM voice and digital selective calling (DSC).



Tron 60GPS with float free bracket has a small and compact handheld size. Tron 60GPS is totally sealed, has 5 years warranty and is designed to meet IMO SOLAS requirements.

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