Charity & Taylor offer a full range of JRC  products at competitive prices along with expert advise and support. Charity & Taylor are able to offer support for JRC products 365 days a year by our call out service through our team of fully trained and approved engineers.

JRC is a world leading marine electronics producer specializing in the design and manufacture of industry compliant products. Alphatron Marine is a world renowned supplier of integrated bridge solutions and manufacturer of unique complementary products to the JRC portfolio. With Centres of Excellence in Tokyo, Rotterdam, Singapore and Houston, the combined synergies bring quality and innovation to owners, operators and shipyards, redefining the future of ocean navigation.

On 1 January 2014, JRC and Alphatron Marine established a far-reaching strategic partnership bringing together a unique combination of expertise offering a one-stop-shopping concept for navigation, communication, automation and complete integrated bridge solutions. Together delivering the best in maritime electronics from JRC and Alphatron Marine as a single supplier and total system integrator

JRC/Alphatron Marine proudly presents the reintroduced 5300Mk2 radar series. Now fully adapted to the latest IMO rules and optionally available with a high-quality 19” display. The latest leading technologies are in-tegrated with a set of advanced features to deliver continues high per¬formance and are designed to seamlessly run radar images faster and more efficiently than ever before. The JMA-5300Mk2 radar series are type approved according to IMO rules for vessels up to 10.000 GT


Reintroduced series

  • Black box design
  • High-quality AlphaScreen
  • Constaview digital signal processing
  • TEF multi-level target enhancement
  • High speed version available
  • Brushless antenna motors for extended lifetime
  • X-band and S-band
  • IMO approved
  • Part of the ProLine package

Doppler Speed Log JLN-740 Series JLN-740

The JLN-740 series is a single axis water SDME compliant with the IMO MSC.96 (72) standard, required on all internationally voyaging ships exceeding 300 GT. Boasting never-before-seen accuracy for speed measurement, the JLN-740 is also installed with our company’s proprietary bubble detection function, which informs you when measurement accuracy is impaired due to air bubble contact.

  • Highly accurate speed and distance log
  • Colour touch display
  • Proprietary bubble detection
  • Intuitive operation
  • Precise navigation during berthing
  • Advanced interfacing
  • Various accessories available
  • Various remote displays
  • Supports remote maintenance
  • BAM compliant alert handling

The units feature a colour LCD touch display for the main and sub displays, allowing you to view important information and adjust brightness on all displays from a single location.

GPS Navigator JLR-8600/8400JLR-8400 / JLR-8600 GPS

Both JLR-8400 and JLR-8600 are reliable and accurate GPS navigators which carry the same JRC DNA with uniform design and intuitive, trusted operation. Combined with their  new multi-GNSS sensor you are ensured of accurate positioning without compromise.

  • High reliability
  • Flexibility system configuration
  • Multi-GNSS sensor
  • IMO approved
  • Up to 22 satellite signal trackable
  • Complete and compact
  • Intuitive and trusted operation
  • High accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Remote maintenance possible


The compact JLR-8400 GPS navigator is compatible with Multi GNSS and will provide accurate position data even in Arctic area, without SBAS and beacon.


The new JLR-8600 GPS navigator combined with our trusted 6.5-inch touch display will locate your position with high accuracy utilizing our newly designed antenna, providing you with the comfort of an intuitive operational approach.

Multi-GNSS sensor

The newly designed multi-GNSS sensor is capable of receiving data from GPS as well as GLONASS or BeiDou at the same time, allowing for a highly accurate positioning, without beacon and SBAS.

The sensor can increase the accuracy of your position by receiving correction data SBAS satellites.

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