Intellian VSAT Rental Plans from Charity and Taylor

5 Year Low Cost Packages covering Terminal Rental and VSAT Charges!

  • Systems available for outright purchase or rental

  • Expert Installation

  • Full Support & Backup

  • Low Cost Service Packages


Various system options are available

A Typical System we can offer:

Intellian V60Ka

I-Direct X7 Modem

2 x WiFi hotspots

Peplink router

DECT Phone + interface

1Gb Switch

2048Kbps Download and 512 Kbps Up load (max speed) at 10:1 Contention ratio

UK VOiP line

Unlimited data

Connected through THOR 7.

The THOR 7 satellite provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the main European shipping lanes and utilises relatively small spot beams , which provide unprecedented high-power performance for maritime applications.

More information on THOR 7 can be found HERE

For more info please contact Dave Stewart:

01324 492795

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