Charity & Taylor (C&T), your local on-board marine electronic service support and equipment supply specialists, welcomes in 2023 with our winter newsletter.

Here we outline our expansion plans within the UK and announce some new financial products designed to help vessel operators looking to purchase new navigational assets, but also mindful of the cash drain in the current tough economic climate.

 Expanding our UK Service Network

C&T UK Map 3D 2

The last 12 months has seen C&T continue its UK expansion with the opening of 3 new service centres to cover Liverpool, Tyne-Tees and the important fishing hub of Brixham in Devon.

All our new engineers are inducted into our training schemes which provides for courses in all the key equipment specific to individual manufacturers as well as GMDSS radio surveyor certification and manufacturer-specific VDR APT approvals.

As a member of the Aage Hempel global support network C&T is able to bring all the benefits of a big organisation which includes access to major spares holdings and new equipment from major manufacturers such as Furuno, JRC Danelec, Jotron, Simrad and Cobham sourced at very competitive prices.

No matter where you sail you will be able to call upon the C&T-Aage Hempel world-wide network to keep your vessels safe and legally compliant.

 C&T North Sea Assest protectionKeeping an eye on offshore assets

In 2023 we are fitting the first of two new radar surveillance systems on existing gas platforms for a major North Sea offshore oil operator. Radar images will be transmitted from the platform to the safety standby vessels over the internet to provide full 360 degree coverage of the gas field at all times.

This is to comply with its requirements to have the best protection for offshore assets by preventing accidents with out-of-control vessels, acts of piracy or terrorism and extreme weather conditions which represent major threats to the platform both in safety and maintenance cost. The system also features recording and playback options to review any potential incidents.

C&T X21 Global 300dpi 230522 72dpiGlobal VSAT Coverage

C&T has secured orders for dual-installation 1-metre VSAT equipment on vessels chartered by the EU Fisheries Control Agency for global operation. Important considerations were performance, cost and through-life support as and where required.

C&T’s growing reputation for efficient and effective delivery in tough conditions allied to global support capability won the day and we’re currently working through the installation and commissioning programme.

We continue to expand our satellite X21 Vsat, 65-cm product coverage, offering both Ka and Ku services to suit all operators. Our service now covers all the principal global trading routes and importantly provides a fixed price airtime scheme. The primary advantage of fixed-price airtime contracts is certainty in terms of accounting basis.

So this is truly a remarkable product at a seriously affordable price with everyday applications for both business and importantly for crew welfare private communications and streaming TV and movie content to help with long periods away from home.

Rental Maintenance Icon 72 dpi 150 210122

X21 Vsat Equipment is available on a Rental Maintenance Contract.
For information call sales on:
+44 (0) 1493 804731



 C&T Night&Day 200122 72dpi

C&T will repair all your bridge electronic equipment for an annual fixed fee, payable quarterly.

The way it works is that initially we assess your bridge equipment for cover by determining the make, model, age and service record of the various equipment, agree a price over a 3-year period and maintain the equipment for the duration of the agreement within the fixed price, subject to terms and conditions.

 Any equipment that fails beyond reasonable repair can always be replaced on our rental maintenance scheme to avoid CapEx. We will repair from any of our service depots around the UK and the world or through our partner agreements with third party suppliers. Your satisfaction is assured and achieved at a competitive cost.

C&T takes all the strain and anxiety by doing the work ourselves, or where we are not based finding partner companies to do the work by managing the process from the receipt of the first e-mail alerting us to the problem to the completion of the fix.

Just another way of conserving cash and keeping your vessels trading.

 New Financial Products for 2023

New products are being introduced by C&T for 2023 to recognise that CapEx is tight in the industry and budgets necessarily have to be stretched.

So, we now offer a range of low-cost solutions for ship operators to access new replacement equipment and also for fixed cost repair agreements which are structured in a similar fashion to insurance premiums.

Rental Maintenance Icon 72 dpi 150 210122The simplest way to ride the recession and protect valuable CapEx is to opt for our Rental Maintenance product. C&T will supply, install and maintain new bridge equipment (Radar, ECDIS, Gyro etc.) for a fixed monthly fee over a 5-year period.

All service and repairs including spare parts and transport costs are covered within the agreement. At the end of the contract the lessee has the choice of the contract rolling over, buying the contract out at fair value or starting over with new equipment.

Rental Maintenance Solution

As an example, let’s suppose you are looking to replace your X-Band radar on a vessel over 10,000 Gt to comply with IMO regulations. C&T can remove the old installation and install a new Furuno or JRC product, optionally rolling up all the associated costs into the 5-year agreement.
Here we’ve chosen a Furuno X Band radar with a deep-sea professional pedigree:

Furuno Black-Box FAR2218-BB Range

FAR 2218 BBFAR2218-BB/6.5ft 12kW 6.5ft
Open X Band
ACE Automatic Clutter Elimination
Fast Target Tracking™
ARPA 100 targets and AIS 350 targets
CAT 2 (19”) & CAT 1 (23” +) vessels
Included Performance Monitor (PM) required for IMO standards
Instant Access Menu System for immediate access to key functions
DC Brushless Motors
Wide-screen compatible
MU190 19” IMO Approved Monit

Rental Maintenance Icon 72 dpi 150 210122

 Retail Price £18,835.00

Rental Maintenance price £5,085.45 annually, paid as £423.79 monthly for 60 months, to include all spare parts and maintenance.

After 60 months the contract can roll-over on a month-to-month basis, the lessee can buy out on a “Fair Price” basis or simply start again with new equipment.








Asset Finance Icon 72dpi 150 210122 

For more information about our new range Flexible Finance options, call sales on: +44 (0) 1493 804731 - Read more...

Rental Maintenance Icon 72 dpi 150 210122 Extended Warranties Icon 72 dpi 150 210122 Critical Cover 72dpi 150 210122 Critical Cover 72dpi 150 210122

  Don’t get caught out

Be aware of new VHF Regulations impacting 1st January 2024
“To allow for extra digital channels to ensure GMDSS communication capability and the availability of appropriate GMDSS radio communication equipment, and without prejudice to the arrangements contained in appendix 18 of the RR, VHF radio communication equipment may need updating so that following the first radio survey after 1 January 2024, at the earliest, it meets the arrangements which will be in force by then.” Ref: MSC.1/Circ. 1460/Rev 3

VHF JHS 800S 1 72dpi

Beat the rush for new equipment with our Rental Maintenance offer below for the fully compliant JRC JHS-800S. The offer includes 4-hours installation costs.
For more information: +44 (0) 1493 804731
1x JRC JHS-800S to include:

  • VHF main unit
  • Handset, inc cradle
  • CFS-810 Power cable
  • 7ZPJD0741 Bridge card
  • CFS-820 Accessory cable


Rental Maintenance Icon 72 dpi 150 210122

Available on rental maintenance for £43.26 per month for 60 months with an initial payment
of 3 months rental, £129.78, total payable £2,595.60 includes installation, maintenance and spare parts for the duration of the 60-months at the C&T global network of port facilities and partner companies.

At the end of the term simply let the contract roll over on a month to month basis, buy the equipment out at “Fair Value” or start again with new equipment.

Furuno FR-10 Standalone Radar

fr1012main 72dpi small






 The FR-10 and the FR-12 10.4”/12.1” Colour LCD Radars are Marine Radar displays consisting of a dedicated vertical display unit that can be freely combined with Furuno’s extensive DRS Series Antennas to meet a wide variety of detection needs.
These Radars feature the latest technologies including Risk Visualizer™, a new function that provides visual information on potential collision areas and movement of all surrounding vessels, as well as Echo Average, Target Analyser™, Fast Target Tracking™, RezBoost™ and many other great functions to help you keep track of any target for your navigation and operations such as Custom AIS, User-Programmable function keys and Multi-language support.


For more information call sales now on:
+44 (0) 1493 804731
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