Seawork - C&T Newsletter

Seawork - C&T Newsletter
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As always there is so much to see at this thriving annual industry event.   
If you are shopping for new equipment and want to network Seawork is a show not to be missed.
Of course, for those looking for electronics we don’t want you to miss Stand H15.
Especially our latest portfolio addition, a revolution in satellite communications, Starlink.
It can give any vessel, large or small, wherever they work in the world, faster satellite broadband.
And have you seen the latest draft VHF regs and need upgraded equipment.
More time is being considered necessary, with a suggested implementation date in 2026. ‍

Small, smart and delivers fast broadband at sea

‍Introducing a game changer. Something that was not economically possible before, super-fast satellite broadband.

Starlink competes on price, comes complete with a growing record for high performance and delivers up to 220Mbps download.

For your business, wherever it sails, Starlink provides an added online efficiency bonus. And for your crew it can mean the pleasure and benefits of fast internet connections and a happy crew is a happy ship.

Starlink is the ideal companion to Vsat and other satellite systems. As a back-up system and crew calling service it makes the ideal global link.

No matter what size the vessel, or where it operates, Starlink works across the world’s trade routes.

Charity & Taylor, based in the UK, is an authorised Starlink reseller and part of the Aage Hempel group. 


Global capability means we can supply from stock, install and support Starlink equipment worldwide.  Call sales on: +44 (0)1493 804 731 or click here to email

TZ Coastal Monitoring and Security.‍

C&T has installed a surveillance system aboard two production platforms in the North Sea for a UK oil major.

This comprehensive system transmits Radar images from the platform to safety standby vessels. The images, sent over the internet, give a full 360-degree coverage of the gas field at all times.
The system meets requirements to have the best protection for offshore assets.

This major increase in security is to prevent threats and accidents.  Incidents such as out-of-control vessels, acts of piracy or terrorism and extreme weather conditions.  These pose significant safety risks to the platform and its maintenance costs.

The system also features recording and playback options to review any potential incidents.
As a Furuno distributor we were able to use the TZ Coastal Monitoring software. Integration with Furuno hardware offers advanced, native compatibility. This features with most of the newer Furuno radars on the market.

Furuno Electric Company has gained an unrivalled industry reputation as a world leader. This has resulted through technical excellence with a worldwide distribution and service network.
For more information:

Stop by our stand H15 at Seawork 2023. Or get in touch using our contact details below and on the website. Click here...

Falmouth team demonstrates its capabilities‍

In just the last 6 months, the extensive capabilities of our projects division have been demonstrated across several projects and sectors.

The successful completion of long-term navigation & communications refit on-board the 68m motor yacht Jester here in the UK was quickly followed by audio visual and networking upgrades on-board the 48m motor yacht Va Bene in Spain.

Whilst providing on-going support and maintenance for long term customers throughout the Americas & Europe, the team were also able to complete the installation of a brand-new cinema for a cross channel ferry, supply a VOIP phone system for a cruise liner and an audio system for an MOD vessel.

We have been privileged to collaborate with an incredible range of customers, each with unique challenges and goals.

Our ability to adapt and deliver exceptional solutions across industries has been the driving force behind our success.
With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, C&T delivers comprehensive electronics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients across various sectors.

Backed by a team of highly skilled professionals, C&T is dedicated to driving success and exceeding expectations in an ever-evolving technology landscape.

48m yacht  Va Bene by ©Stavros Matthaios

Cross channel ferry Cinema installation

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Photo of the 48m yacht Va Bene by ©Stavros Matthaios‍

Grupo Arbulu, NAUTICAL and Aage Hempel Group visit Furuno Headquarters‍

lñaki Arbulu, accompanied by Carmelo Zabala and Antoni Zamora from Nautical and Steve Reeve and Juan A. Magan from Aage Hempel Group, visited this week Furuno in Japan.

General Manager of Furuno España, Miguel Nogueira Fernandez, together with Technical and Service Manager, Ignacio Avila Talavera hosted the visit to FEC headquarters.

The commercial relationship of Grupo Arbulu with Furuno goes way back to more than 40 years of trust. At Grupo Arbulu, we believe in building long-term with our partners by offering them the best support and service. ‍

Comprehensive low-cost shore-based maintenance agreements are a major part of our service portfolio. 


The aim, to maintain bridge equipment and systems functionality and to minimise failures.

C&T designs and delivers cost-effective repair and maintenance agreements for any type of vessel. Be it a local offshore vessel, fleet of tankers, or general cargo ship you can mitigate for the unexpected.

Knowing what is due and when means you can manage expenditure and budget in advance.  C&T and the Aage Hempel Group have the expertise to provide agreements to meet your specific needs.

Our repair agreements assure the efficiency and safety of navigation and communications equipment.
Want to know more?


Get in touch for a bespoke proposal.
Stop by our stand H15 at Seawork 2023.

Low-cost examples of Critical Cover agreements:
Fixed-Price Single Gyro +SBM Contract


GMDSS certificate, in accordance with regulation IV/15 SOLAS of 1974 annex 1 1998 GMDSS.


  • Annual Radio Survey
  • Annual maintenance of two Gyros (or dual Gyro system


C&T Group offers its clients this annual contract that includes:


Fixed-Price Dual Gyro+SBM Contract
C&T Group offers an annual contract that includes:
GMDSS certificate, in accordance with regulation IV/15 SOLAS of 1974 annex 1 1998 GMDSS


  • Annual Radio Survey
  • Annual maintenance of two Gyros (or dual Gyro system
  • Includes SBM certification and
    on-board documents for compliance with IMO SOLAS regulations.‍
We supply, support and
provide surveys for all major makes and types of equipment.

Our engineers support equipment of all types and makes of marine electronics equipment. Installation and maintenance, repairs, spares and surveys are at the heart of C&T’s service.
And don’t forget, through our partners in Aage Hempel we are everywhere you need us around the world.
Our service capability is now enhanced with bases located across the UK in key ports. Global services are also provided through group member companies and third-party services.


  • Aberdeen
  • Brixham
  • Falmouth
  • Glasgow
  • Grangemeouth
  • Great  Yarmouth
  • Liverpool
  • Southampton (2024)
  • Tyne Tees


Worldwide Support Services are Our Core Business

Under the Group Arbulu banner, C&T is now part of the Aage Hempel’s specialist, global support service. A global network serving shipping companies, as well as offshore, fishing and yachting.

With C&T on board, Aage Hempel has extended its coverage of key, major European North Atlantic and North Sea ports.

Our clients can count on our services on all maritime routes worldwide. They can rely on the network of Grupo Arbulu companies and service company locations.

Our focus is on giving all our customers a quality service no matter where they are in the world. It is a service organised to meet the needs of demanding clients. The kind of maritime companies which look for professionalism and experience.

To that end we are, as we say customer powered, quality driven.

Significant Spares Holdings and Supply

C&T and Aage Hempel Group supply all types of marine spares, all from the major manufacturers.

We keep a wide range of navigation and communications equipment, including security parts. Some 2 million parts, stored in our warehouses across the world, are available at all times.

Urgent spares are shipped to anywhere in the world within 48 hours, regardless of make or type.

GMDSS Surveys

Charity and Taylor has authorisation of all principal International Classification Societies. We can carry out GMDSS surveys, including AIS, SSAS, and EPIRB.
Our certified, trained and qualified engineers carry out GMDSS surveys to meet the latest IMO regulations. ‍


For services support click here...


Sales: ‭+44 (0) 1493 804731‬ ::  
 +44 (0)1493 66 99 66 :: 



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