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UK Sales & Service Centres - Electronics Supply, Spares, Repairs and Surveys. 
Note: Brixham's Service Centre address and contact details have changed:
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Bridge Electronics Asset Finance Packages

Bridge Electronics Maintenance Contracts

Marine Electronics Spares and Repairs

Marine Satellite and Radio Communications

Marine Navigational Equipment

Safety & Security at Sea - GMDSS & VDR/SVDR Surveys


Workboat Support Services

It is difficult to define the name workboat. The word covers so many, different types and sizes of vessel. They cover a wide variety of work for port operations, offshore oil and gas and wind-farm support.
There are so many types of workboats, fulfilling important roles at sea. The list is endless. Yet whatever their shape and size, purpose or power, they have a shared need for safety and compliance.
Marine electronics are key to accurate navigation and clear communications. Both are indispensable to maintaining safe and effective vessel management.
They are vital tools for keeping your vessels on hire, on the move and working well.  That's our aim. To help to keep your vessel safe, compliant and on the move.
We do so by supplying and supporting marine electronics equipment of all types and makes. Repairs and spares nationwide and beyond are a prominent feature of our service.
What is important to know is that our support is available when you need us 24/7 365 days a year, nationwide and beyond. We are just one call or an email away.

Workboat Support Services include:

  • 24/7 Specialist electronics support
  • Highly qualified and accredited engineers
  • Engineers trained and equipped for all types of marine operations
  • Spares and repairs for almost all major makes and types of equipment
  • Replacement and renewal of equipment
  • Onboard installation and commissioning
  • Unique financial options on the renewal and replacement of equipment



Brands Global

Everything You Need Worldwide

We source and supply spares and equipment from all major manufacturers. And we stock over €3.5 million of spares and equipment at key ports around the world to meet current needs and trends.

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