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Supporting Workboats

Workboats provide vital support to all types of vessels entering and leaving port, delivering supplies to offshore operations, maintaining offshore facilities and ferrying personnel to and from ships.  

The list is endless but the need for safety, compliance and maintaining effective operational capacity for all types of inshore work has a shared need for connectivity and navigational accuracy.

Keeping on the move, ready and able to work effectively is vital and will depend on an array of communications and navigational aids. 

Whilst there are many shared standards and common codes of practice, the needs of each boat vary, but failure or fault with any single one item of equipment could compromise the vessel’s safety and ability to perform.

As with every other type of vessel, we aim to help and make sure workboats stay on the move, on hire and able to meet their customer’s needs on schedule.

Workboat Support Services include:

  • 24/7 Specialist electronics support
  • Highly qualified and accredited engineers
  • Engineers trained and equipped for all types of marine operations
  • Spares and repairs for almost all major makes and types of equipment
  • Onboard installation and commissioning
  • Unique financial options on the renewal and replacement of equipment

Typical Equipment requirements include:

  • Radar Vessel Traffic Monitor Systems with central control of radar network from Standby vessel or shore side.
  • Remote VHF/UHF over VPN/ Internet network with repeater stations for central control.
  • Class Radio, GMDSS and VDR/SVDR Surveys
  • VSAT Communications
  • TVRO and Distribution systems
  • Gyro supply and service
  • Differential Positioning with Iridium correction service.
  • AIS supply service
  • Crane VHF/UHF systems
  • 4G/5G networks
  • Inmarsat / Iridium equipment and airtime

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